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Wildlings & Wellbeing CIC

We are a not for profit organisation founded by a team of graduate professionals with a passion for the natural world and improving physical and mental wellbeing.

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Wildlings provide Forest School and Well-being sessions designed to build a connection to the natural world, one’s self and each other. We work with people in the local community supporting physical health, mental health and well-being.

OUR VISION: Nurture healthy lifestyles and empower vulnerable people to build resilience through nature connection.

OUR AIM: We believe that accessing nature and the outdoors should not be a privilege. We aim to provide equal opportunity to nature connection and the natural world by breaking down barriers to inclusion.

OUR OBJECTIVES: To provide a variety of accessible and inclusive sessions, to aid mental well-being through the provision of outdoor therapeutic and educational activities whilst also creating opportunities for physical activity.

OUR VALUES: Empowering people to connect to the natural world to improve health and happiness by creating an inclusive and supportive community.